Westerville Villas 
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Westerville Villas
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Beautiful Condo's In Westerville2 Bedroom & 3 Bedroom Units Available
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Condominium Complex Columbus, OH

The Best Place To Live In Columbus, OH

At Westerville Villas, we provide a beautiful and comfortable living area where you have all the amenities and space you could ever hope for! Since 2016, we've provided the best living space for everyone in Columbus, OH, where you can come, relax, and enjoy the area.

Friendly and Professional Owners

We're hands-on owners who take the time to understand our tenants. At our Condominium Complex Columbus, OH, we do everything we can to quickly and efficiently address your needs. From plumbing issues to residential disputes, we are always ready to assist you at a moment's notice. 

Additionally, our complex is quiet, safe, and right next to Westerville schools as well as the local park which is perfect for jogging and recreational activities. 

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Are you looking for a condominium or townhome with finished basements, fireplaces, peace and quiet, and much more? Then you'll want to give us a call at (614) 570-3504 to ask for a tour of our spacious condos! 

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Business Hours:

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